Summer Compass 2012

Week 1:

We had a great first week in Room 121! Here are some of the things we did this week:
We learned the Summer Compass and classroom expectations.
We played Getting to Know You Bingo games to learn about everyone in our classroom.
Our classroom turned into a community as friends worked together to decorate our class mural.



Week 2

We started our computer classes, and accessed new information on different whales online with Ms. Rupu.

We explored a whale research vessel on-line.

Week 3

This week we were given a list of whales that we could choose from for our whale PowerPoint Presentation.
After we chose our whales, we went on-line to research our whale. We recorded our information into our graphic organizers.
We are really excited about starting our PowerPoint presentations.


Week 4

During the 4th, 5th, and 6th weeks of Compass, students typed what they had learned at Compass for our class Blog.

What I learned at Compass this week …

This week, I watched a PowerPoint presentation on Blue whales. I learned that the Blue Whale is the largest animal on earth.
The Blue Whale eats plankton and krill, not fish or squid. It grows to be about 80 to 100ft long.
~Dina (Grade 5)

This week I watched a live Bottlenose Dolphin webcam in technology class. I observed a baby dolphin swimming with its mother in real time.
The dolphins communicated with each other by sound and touching. The mother was teaching her baby how to look for food.
The baby dolphin ate its food and sometimes it just played with its food. Both the dolphins were really fast swimmers.
~Danait (Grade 5)

This week in Compass I started my Bottlenose dolphin PowerPoint presentation in technology. Even though I only finished the title slide,
it was still really fun. My favorite part was choosing the background for the slide because there were lots of backgrounds to choose –
from a funky theme to a plain theme. This was one of my favorite things that I did this week. I am also looking forward to the class auction on Thursday.
~Cristian (Grade 6)

On Friday, our class went to the MIT museum. There were so many interesting exhibits including the holograms and robots.
I especially liked observing the photographs of the Himalayan Mountains. We compared two photographs of the mountains.
One photograph was taken a long time ago and the other more recently. There were many changes to the Himalayan Mountain
caused by global warming. I also liked looking at the little pieces of wood and string that was left from a piano after it was dropped
from a 4 storey building. I would love to see all the experiments and robots again.

~Hana (Grade 5)

Week 5

What I learned at Compass this week …
This week I learned how to do slide transitions in PowerPoint. I am creating a PowerPoint Minke Whales. I have not used PowerPoint since
the third grade. This was a really good review lesson for me. I love using technology. When I am in 6th grade I will use PowerPoint to do
more projects. I will remember all the things that I learned in PowerPoint, thanks to Ms. Rupu.
~ Rafael (Grade 6)

I have two favorite classes at Summer Compass. My first favorite is computer class. I like this class because I get to learn while I am having fun.
This week I learned about social behaviors and migration patterns of the Bottlenose Dolphin that I am researching for my PowerPoint presentation.
I also love doing readers theatre in fluency center.
~ Tsedniya (Grade 5)

I learned about Bottlenose dolphins and Ms. Nikki helped me with my research. I learned that dolphins can jump
more than 20 feet out of the water. It was so cool working with Ms. Rupu on my research about Bottlenose dolphins and without her
I couldn’t complete my project.
By Jassi (Grade 6)

My favorite thing at Compass this year is technology class because I really liked the teachers especially Ms.Rupu.
She is really nice and she thinks of fun and cool stuff for us to do. I really love all the video clips that she shows us.
My favorite video clip was the Honda commercial. The commercial was very creatively done, it showed how all the
mechanical parts and gadgets in a Honda car work individually in a domino effect to make the car work as a whole .
Another thing that I really think is fun to do in technology is creating a PowerPoint presentation because we got to
learn about whales while having FUN!!!!!!
By Kaliya (grade 5)

I learned how to do a PowerPoint presentation in technology class. I liked doing the PowerPoint presentation
because it was fun adding sounds. It was also fun to add pictures and slide transitions. In class, it was fun doing
readers theater and doing a class Olympics on the field.
Ashraful Grade 5

This week I started to create my PowerPoint presentation. I am doing my project on Beluga whales. I learned Beluga whales eat Fish,
cephalopods, squid, octopus, crab. An interesting fact that I learned about Beluga whales is that its heart can weigh 12 pounds and they
can live up to 50 years.
by Marrae grade 5

In technology I learned how to make a PowerPoint presentation. In class I learned what the terms cetacean means.
It refers to a group of marine mammals that includes baleen whales (such as gray whales, right whales, and fin whales).
Another interesting fact I learned is that a dolphin is a kind of whale even though it does not look like one.
Rodrienne Grade 5

This week I created my very first PowerPoint presentation. I liked working on my PowerPoint presentation because of the sounds
that you get to use for your slide show. I learned a lot about Spinner dolphins when researching for my PowerPoint. I learned about
Spinner dolphin’s diet, migration habitat and range. The interesting fact I learned about Spinner dolphins is that they use whistle sounds
and body slaps to communicate.
~ David Grade 5

Week 6

Students did an excellent job presenting their PowerPoint Presentations. They worked very hard to locate information on their whales using the web,
organize and record information into their graphic organizers and create PowerPoint presentations following the the PowerPoint Design Principles that we talked
about in class. Students also used the PowerPoint checklist and rubrics to help guide them. Well done 5th and 6th graders. I am so proud of you.

p1.jpg p2.jpg
p3.jpg p4.jpg

Technology Teacher of the Day.

During our final week, one of our six grade students Rafael was the technology teacher of the day.
Rafael showed the class how to use create music using Garage Band. Rafael did a really great job demonstrating
step-by-step directions for his classmates to follow. He introduced us to various instruments such as guitar and piano and showed us how
the tools in Garage Band worked. We all enjoyed creating music and jamming to the tunes. Thank you Rafael this was so much fun!!!

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